Becoming a mom wasn’t quite the same for me. I didn’t find out I was pregnant, go for scans, guess the gender, choose names, or experience the painful joy of giving birth. I didn’t get to hold my baby for the first time, or bond with her late at night when she couldn’t sleep. I didn’t see her first smile, hear her first word or run around the house when she took her first step.

But, that doesn’t make me less of a mom. I’m here now (and have been since she turned 6) and I love her more than I thought I could. I help her choose what to wear, I cook things I think she’ll like, I help her with her homework. Sometimes, I put her to bed (when dad hasn’t), and I hear all about the girl that wouldn’t let her sit in her group at lunchtime. I have bubble baths with her, moan at her for not washing her hands, cut her meat for her, and brush her hair in the mornings. If that’s not being a mom, what is?

Katie’s a very special little girl. She lost her biological mom unexpectedly when she was 5, but put on a brave face and kept smiling. Her dad and I got married in March 2015.

Being a mom wasn’t part of my plan, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Katie and I, March 2015
Katie and I, March 2015

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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. I think You and Katie are the perfect example that love really has no boundaries, you have a beautiful family 👪 with you being a Mom and that’s perfectly fine. enjoy the journey to parenthood.

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