{Product Feature} Chocolate With a Heart and How It Changed My Life

I’ve made no secret about my confidence in the Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF) movement. But, I’ve also made no secret about my unadulterated love for chocolate. I don’t have a massive sweet tooth, but chocolate is my thing. It makes my days brighter. Birdsong sweeter. Sunshine clearer.

Sacrificing Top Deck was the hardest part of my sugar-free journey. I tried the coconut oil and 99% Lindt thing. It was ok. But, it wasn’t Top Deck. And then, one crisp morning in Knysna, I ambled into my local Food Lovers’ Market to discover the brightly-coloured packaging of a new chocolate bar, Caring Candies. What caught my eye was the “sugar-free, low carb, gluten-free” emblazoned on its golden wrapping. Still, I was skeptical. Was it just going to be another carob-y excuse for an indulgence? Ah well, for R13, I could risk it.

That R13 would soon turn into a LOT more, as I had finally found the yummiest, most Top Decky sugar-free chocolate ever. I actually prefer it to Top Deck. It tastes like chocolate. Not like dark, 99%, antioxidant, pure chocolate from some Andean cocoa bean farm. Like real, unhealthy, sugary, fattening chocolate. Except that it’s not!

It is 100% free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, artificial flavourants, preservatives, common food allergens, and glycaemic carbs. Their sweetness comes from natural sweeteners (like maltitol). The only downside? You should only have one chocolate a day, thanks to the laxative effect. I can live with that.

Because I live in a small town, it is only available at our Food Lovers’ Market. However, I chatted with the owner, who said, “We supply health shops, Dischem, Wellness Warehouse, Food Lovers’ Market, and some independent SPARS and Pharmacies” all around South Africa. They also export their deliciousness to Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand.

These sweet treats include 10 varieties of BonBons and four different chocolate bars (plain, dairy-free, mint, and caramel crunch), with two dark chocolate bars in the pipeline. While they are especially great for diabetics and those following an LCHF (or Banting) lifestyle, Caring Candies are for everyone. My daughter is eight and loves sweets as much as the next kid. She loves the chocolate bars and notices no difference between them and the traditional sugary sweets.

These chocolates and other products can be bought in bulk online (see product list here), or from the various outlets across SA.

Their website is https://www.caringcandies.co.za/, or follow them on Facebook.

This was not a sponsored post. It was born entirely out of love.


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