Lily and Faith

The cuteness is overwhelming! But, Lily and Faith isn’t only about the cute factor, this online store (running from Facebook) has so much more to offer; both to moms and their little ones. It is the relatively new passion of Lauren Burn, who has a toddler, and another son on the way. She and her growing … More Lily and Faith

The Importance of a Well-Written Blog *Mounts Applebox*

There are so many advantages to where the world is right now in terms of communication. One Google search can let us know how to render kidney fat, how to write Terms and Conditions for our website, how to crochet a hat small enough for a premature baby…(just some of my recent searches). But, anyone that … More The Importance of a Well-Written Blog *Mounts Applebox*

Smiles for (Step)moms

I learnt my lesson when I Googled “stepmom funnies”. Wow, there are a lot of angry people out there. That’s not what this is about. So, instead, here are some far less belligerent ones that made me smile:        

Easy Peasy Drawing Guide for Kids and Their Parents

I may be good at a few things (cue my parents’ commentary on how I could’ve done so much more if I’d actually studied at school), but I’m not the greatest artist. I saw these cute guides on I Creative Ideas and wanted to share them with other graphically-impaired folk. These are also fabulous for teaching … More Easy Peasy Drawing Guide for Kids and Their Parents