Little Heroes

It isn’t fair, but there are so many little ones that prove that the number of years spent on this earth don’t determine how brave or tenacious we are. We can learn so much from them, and I can’t wait to introduce you to just a few of the Little Heroes that continue to inspire me (and sometimes give me a little kick where I need it most) every day.

Meet Tripp Halstead

His Facebook page and website describe Tripp’s story with heartfelt sensitivity; the love and commitment of his parents shining through each word and image. Tripp was once a healthy, active little boy who, after a freak accident (a branch falling out of a tree and crushing his skull), was left desperate to cling to the last vestiges of his broken body. Today, his parents (Bill and Stacey) work hard to make ends meet, cover his medical bills and, most of all, make him feel loved and happy. Be sure to follow his updates page on Facebook to get your daily dose of “Awwwww” and to see his slow and steady progress.









Meet Saskia Sievers

Saskia is the ultimate trooper. She was born in 2007 and was a perfect baby girl for the first few hours. Then, the seizures started. Over the next few months, doctors ruled out a number of diseases and disorders, but couldn’t quite put their fingers on the cause. Eventually, she was diagnosed with West Syndrome, a type of epilepsy that injures the brain. She cannot walk, talk, or hold her bottle. She will be in nappies for a long time, but doctors feel that, since she has recently learn to crawl, it may well be possible that she will be able to walk in her teens.

Her parents struggle to cover even their basic expenses, but are unbelievable role models in terms of their self-sacrificing attitude towards giving Saskia (and her little sister, Genevieve, who is perfectly healthy) all that they need to fill their hearts. For more info on how to assist them in very practical ways, email me on

Saskia and Genevieve
Saskia and Genevieve

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