Interview with Katie, age 8

Remember this interview with madam? It was two years ago! She asked today when we were going to do one of these again, which was the motivation I needed. Please note that these are just her answers as she said them. They may or may not be accurate 😉

Here it is:

What is something mom always says to you? Feed Cuppycake (the guinea pig)
Dad?  Go brush your teethies (inside joke)

What makes mom happy? When we go on our awesome dates
Dad? When he hears that his foils work

What makes mom sad? When I don’t listen
Dad? When his foils don’t work or when he doesn’t have a nice ride

What does mom do to make you laugh? Think of a cabbage joke
Dad? When he says a funny word

What was mom like as a child? Naughty when you were shaking the ladder with your dad on it
Dad? He played with his sister and his brother in the mud

How old is mom? 36
Dad? 42

How tall is mom? I don’t know
Dad? As big as the door, but a quarter less

What is mom’s favorite thing to do? Watching movies on the couch
Dad? Foil

What does mom do when you’re not here? Work
Dad? Rest or work on his computer

If mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Perfecto writing
Dad? Foiling

What is mom really good at? Writing. No, wait. You’re really good at hugs and kisses and jokes.
Dad? Foiling

What is mom not good at? Staying in the heat
Dad? Chillaxing

What is mom’s job? Writing
Dad? Foiling

What makes you proud of mom? When you finish all your work, like that big thing you’ve been working on
Dad? When his foiling goes well

What is mom’s favorite food? Steak
Dad? His chowder

What do you and mom do together? Our dates
Dad? Chat

How are you and mom the same? Our hair
Dad? He’s my dad

How are you and mom different? You’ve got lots of freckles. How did you get such millions of freckles?
Dad? He has brown hair

How do you know mom loves you? Because you prove it. I’ll prove it now *hugs me*
Dad? He gives me hugs and kisses

What does mom love about dad? His personality
Dad? You’re someone to hug and tickle

Where is mom’s favorite place to go? Paris
Dad? Chuuk

How old was mom when you were born? 27
Dad? 33

Me and Katie June 2017
On one of our ‘dates’



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