What Katie Wishes We Knew

I love the idea of asking kids questions that draw them out without them feeling any kind of stress about what the ‘right’ answer would be. So, Katie and I played a game. I asked her, “What do you wish so-and-so knew?”

Her answers:
I wish you knew about Minecraft songs.
I wish you knew about living on the boat, it was so much fun.

I wish dad knew something about Roald Dahl.
I wish dad knew how to teach a little kid how to foil.

Granny Jackie:
I wish she knew how much it meant to me that she bought me one present, it doesn’t matter.

Grandpa Justin:
I wish he knew that how much he just goes to work so often and he’s special.

Granny Sheilagh:
I wish Granny Sheilagh knew how much her daughter misses her.

Grandpa David:
I wish Grandpa David knew how much I miss him.

Your teacher:
I wish my teacher knew how much I really care about her.

Ouma Ducky:
I wish she knew how funny she was.

Oupa Phillip:
I wish he knew how much I care about him.

I wish he knew how hilarious he was and how cute he was.

I wish Konrad knew how funny he was when he was a little boy. I saw a picture of him in his room *snort laughs*

I wish Ruby knew … I just wish I could repay her for being such a good friend.

Cuddles at sunset

Aunty Meggan:
I wish she knew how much fun her parties were.

Aunty Ashleigh:
I wish Aunty Ashleigh knew how funny she was and how cute she was. She looks cute, actually.

Aunty Heather:
How hilarious she was.

Aunty Brigitte:
I wish she knew how caring she was.

I’d love for other moms to do this with their little ones and share the results.


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