{Product Feature} Little Black Bag

As a family, we have decided not to celebrate Christmas or birthdays; rather spoiling each other spontaneously and with a lot less obligation (never mind the Christmas budget stress). This is working so well, and we actually tend to give each other more throughout the year without obligation. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t jump at the thought of a planned gift that makes me feel pampered; something just for the girls. Enter Little Black Bag.

LBB works on a subscription basis. Opt for a 1-, 3- or 6-month subscription and have a bag of treats delivered to your door every month for that period. You never know what to expect, but you can be sure that your bag has been put together with the ladies in mind.

LBB pic



This is the bag I received this month. It contained a canvas carry bag with Boho design, stone succulent planter, nail polish, macaroons (in the black box), a gorgeous necklace and a magnet with an inspiring saying. The theme for November was Breast Cancer awareness. It was really exciting to receive it, and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. The items are tasteful, useful, and just girly enough for us moms.







About LBB:

How did you start? What was your motivation?

I was motivated by the variety of online subscription services in the United States. As far as I knew, we had less than ten in South Africa. I thought this is a unique opportunity in the market that I can seize. We decided that, rather than having a single subscription item, we would have a variety of categories and full-size items. This would make the subscription service more appealing to a wider range audience.

What is your product?

The monthly Little Black Bag sends out 6 full-size products in a number of categories (Home Decor, Fashion, Food, Fitness, Beauty and much more). Each month has a different theme, and the products are curated according the the monthly theme.

What makes it special / unique / useful?

Little Black Bag was partly founded in order to give creative suppliers a platform to showcase their products. There are so many creative individuals who sell their products at local fairs and creative markets. LBB aims to be a platform for these creatives to show their products to a new and wide-range audience. The aspect of raising awareness to our creative talent is what makes LBB special.

How does it benefit busy moms?

Not only is LBB the perfect gift to spoil yourself with every month, but it is also a great and effortless gift to give a friend. Whether it is for a birthday coming up or Christmas around the corner, LBB is the perfect surprise. We have the monthly ‘get it’ option which autorenews every month, or as a gift you can choose ‘gift it’ and send the latest LBB to your BFF. The ‘gift it’ comes with a personalised gift message and free delivery. This is great for busy moms who do not have the time for gift shopping.

Where would you like to see your company going in the near future?

Little Black Bag is in the process of adding a few more bags suited for special occasions; like weddings, father’s day, baby showers, etc… Whichever occasion you need a gift for, there will be a LBB to gift.

How are you planning to get there?

Lots and lots of hard work and the help of many creative individuals who have designed the most creative products for us to showcase.

Our contact info is:


LBB bag 3

LBB bag 4

LLB bag2


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