Be The Fun Mom {Three Easy Tips}

Being fun and being irresponsible aren’t the same thing. This reminder is directed mostly at me. We need fun and excitement as much as kids do and, when we let loose, we’ll discover how easy it is.

Here are three really easy tips and ideas to being a more fun, relaxed parent {Bonus: they’re free}:

  1. Spend an hour or two just doing what your child wants you to do. Let them decide what you play, your role, your lines, your wardrobe. It costs you nothing (except, maybe, your dignity) and will make your little one feel so special and indulged.
  2. Break the rules. Go around the traffic circle an extra time (in a quiet street, preferably late at night), serve pancakes and ice-cream for dinner, jump on the bed, spin round on the office chair, go to the beach before homework, stay up an hour past bedtime finishing a movie…
  3. Surprise them. On the way home from school, stop at a games arcade, or wait until everyone is in their PJ’s before announcing that you’re going out to get pizza take-aways.  By being spontaneous, you let your children know that you have an unpredictable, fun side that really wants everyone to have a good time.

They’re little for so short a time. Let’s not regret being a sergeant and missing out on all the fun.

The face of fun
The face of fun

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