Product Review – #SmellyToSmiley with Ambi Pur

The difference between your family and your friends really does have a lot to do with smells. We always smell good for our friends. Our family, though, is more about nappy changes, after-cycle showers, garbage bins that need changing, food that’s been in the Tupperware at the back of the fridge for too long…It’s real, and it’s smelly. That’s family for you.

Ambi Pur has launched the #SmellyToSmiley campaign, and were generous enough to send me a selection of goodies to combat household smells.

Ambi Pur package
These are some of the stats they gathered:

  • 70% of the worst smells in the house come from the bathroom and 53% from the garbage.
  • The toughest smells to get rid of are musty or mouldy smells (63%), cigarettes (61%), outdoor smells (54%), pets (49%) and fish cooking (49%).
  • 57% of people admitted to avoiding a visit to someone that has a smelly home.

    So, Ambi Pur sent me a box of room fresheners, black bags, air freshener for the car, and some two-ply (I think they’re trying to ensure I have friends). Having recently bought a massive supply of single-ply, I was unreasonable excited by the soft cushiness of the toilet paper – mainly because I have sinus and my nose needed a break.

    This was a great idea, and I hope that the #SmellyToSmiley campaign has massive success in making our lives a little sweeter.


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