Product Feature – Love Made Me

Meet Lindsay Thomas who, following the trials of raising a newborn as a single mom, founded this range of cuteness, Love Made Me…

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I’ve always wanted to branch out and start my own little business; something small. But, I was never sure on how to actually get it started. I had my first child in 2009. I was a single mom and Danny’s only provider. I battled to make ends meet and we were living with my parents. I think that, apart from my son, they were the only people who kept me motivated, supported me and, ultimately, helped me raise my tiny baby. During the period of Danny’s first year, I took my first step of faith. I resigned from my job, where I had spent 5 years, and moved from the financial industry to the admin side of the medical sector. This was exactly what I needed to foster my creative mind for the years to follow. My work wasn’t just a job, it was a greater extension of my family and I loved it.

A few months later, I was happy, we were settled, Danny was happy and thriving, my work was going well and I met a boy. Well, re-met a boy. Carl and I were high school sweethearts. A year later, we got married.

After I had Josh in September 2013, this need to have my own business, this deep desire, flared up in full force. I envied the stay-at-home moms, I envied the work-from-home moms (big props to you ladies and dads, I know it’s hard work and your hours are ridiculous. I know that the work only really gets done once the little people are sleeping and it’s not always fun, but you’re present and that’s what I crave – to be present in their lives, more than I am now). I so desperately wanted to be the mom who could attend school events during the day and be actively involved in the boys’ education, do play dates and spend afternoons in the park while enjoying the sunshine. I wanted all of this, but I loved my comfort zone and the stability that came with working for a stable company.

Roll on 01 August 2015! We kicked it off with launching “Love Made Me”, the ‘something small’ I’ve been wanting to do for forever, another BIG step of faith. I really could not have done this without my husband. I have said it before and will continue to say it; this man knows my heart. He is my biggest supporter and fiercest critic. He motivates me to a point at which I could possibly throat-punch him. But I know, at the end of the day, he’s just pushing this comfort-zone-prone procrastinator into the right direction. I battle with making decisions and he loves making decisions. I dream, he makes it happen and we build on it together. Perfect team! After years of discussions, we finally decided to jump in.

“Love Made Me” has been in my heart for so long, and through faith and love I was able to start my business. I take nothing for granted. This is special to me and I hold our new baby very close to my heart.

I am now a wife and mother; working full-time for a boss, working full-time for us, and loving every minute of it.

We offer custom printed apparel for the modern child, not forgetting that children should look like children. We keep it simple and innocent, keeping your little ones looking trendy while still being comfortable. All our items are custom made. We do bodyvests, rompers and kids’ t-shirts. Sizes range from 0 – 36 months, and all items are available in white, black, stone and grey.

We offer custom printed t-shirts for adults too. See the Custom Orders gallery on our Facebook page for examples.

If you’re keen to see some designs, then hop on over to my Facebook page, or feel free to drop me a mail at and I will happily do my best to accommodate your needs.

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