A Day in the Life of a Banter – Menu Ideas and a Shopping List

Ever since we started Banting, I’ve been looking for a daily or weekly menu from fellow Banters. Alas, there is very little out there. So, now that I’ve been doing it for 6 weeks and have gotten a feel for it, I want to share what we’re doing. Note that, in the first 4 weeks or so, I totally overdid it on cream and butter. Like, I practically mainlined it. So, while I didn’t put on any weight, I also didn’t lose any. In addition, I’ve totally stopped exercising, which was, to some degree, part of my pre-Banting life. I know, I know, the bicycle beckons. STILL, I have put on no weight.

Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and onions, fried in garlic butter
Omelette with bacon, mushrooms and cheese
Aubergines / courgettes and onions, fried in butter and simmered in coconut cream / normal cream with lots of turmeric and cayenne pepper. You could add some kind of meat here (bacon, mince, chicken slices), although we didn’t
Lamb’s liver and boiled eggs (don’t judge me, this is delicious)

I’m a big snacker, I love to eat a little bit every two hours. But, on Banting, I seriously don’t have the cravings or hunger pangs. So, my lunch is sometimes very simple or small.
Double cream plain yoghurt topped with berries and seeds
Meat and veg / salad (take your pick, just leave out or limit any veg that grows below the ground, as well as butternut)
Salad with tuna and loads of olive oil, topped with toasted sunflower seeds
Turmeric milk

To accommodate my 6-year old’s preferences, I try to keep this as tasty and varied as possible. I make a lasagne (using slices of aubergine instead of pasta, and topped with plenty of melted cheese), or we do meat on the braai (barbecue) and loads of veg. I recently tried out Tim Noakes’ butter cream lamb. Oh my giddy aunt, it was amazing. Rich, creamy and amazing.

This is my average week’s shopping list (or items that I just can’t do without):
Plain double cream yoghurt
Full cream milk
Coconut milk
Eggs (lots and lots of eggs)
Aubergines (egg plant)
Courgettes (baby marrow)
Sunflower seeds
Flaked almonds
Dessicated coconut
Olive oil
Cayenne pepper
Baby spinach
Himalayan salt
White cheddar
Blue cheese or Gorgonzola (delicious when sprinkled sparingly on a lamb chop or over buttered courgettes)
Green beans (amazing when fried with butter, lemon and garlic)
Meat – a variety. We love lamb, and eat a lot of mince too as it is so versatile. But, chicken and fish are great, as well as other red meats in moderation.

Xylitol (this is a good idea if you really have a sweet tooth. It is not necessary, though, and I really hardly use mine)
Psyllium husk (while I haven’t tried mine yet, it is in many Banting recipes, and is worth having on hand)

My fruit bowl. Lemons are such an important part of 1) flavouring dishes and 2) keeping your body from becoming too acidic
My fruit bowl. Lemons are such an important part of 1) flavouring dishes and 2) keeping your body from becoming too acidic

6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Banter – Menu Ideas and a Shopping List

    1. I’ve honestly found it easier than I thought. Do you have a sweet tooth? Or is it carbs that you crave? Either way, there are fantastic substitutes, especially when getting used to your new eating lifestyle.


      1. I actually found that a lot of my sweet cravings went away because I am getting rich foods in anyway. But, there is a cheat – melt 85% Lindt with butter and coconut oil. It isn’t as hectically cocoa, and has no sugar.


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