Giving My Fashionista Free Reign – Why I Let My Child Dress Herself

Before I became a mom, I loved the thought of having a little someone to dress up. And, obviously, my little someone would be so enthralled by my excellent taste, they would totally succumb and walk around looking pristine and adorable.

Kind of exactly like this.  Thanks for the image, Favim.
Kind of exactly like this.
Thanks for the image, Favim.

Enter Katie Bella. She has a style all her own and is not about to change it. There go my hopes and dreams. My living vicariously through a petite blonde at last. But, it hasn’t taken me long to love this about her, even encourage it. Here’s why:

  • It’s her, and it tells me more about what she likes and what how her tastes are developing.
  • It gives her a sense of responsibility and independence.
  • She is growing confident in her ability to make choices and then be responsible for them. She once wore a poofy pink dress and got lots of comments about it being cute and girly. The next week, we had to donate it. She didn’t like that image. She said she felt like a giant cupcake that had exploded (her exact words, actually). This was a very proud moment for me. I’ve never been partial to pink poofy explosions myself.
  • I feel like it is a balanced approach to her being conscious of how she looks. She chooses stuff she likes and thinks she looks ok in (engendering self respect), but she doesn’t depend on others to ensure that she looks ‘cool’, just in case she’s missed a new trend. She doesn’t care about that.
  • I have learnt that she is actually pretty responsible. She makes sure that she is warm and comfortable. I don’t even manage this 100% of the time.
  • It saves us time. We can ask her to get ready (I do brief her a little – where we’re going, what we’re going to be doing there, what is definitely not appropriate), and she does.

She is a superstar, and is thriving with this freedom.

A small collection of her ensembles
A small collection of her ensembles

12 thoughts on “Giving My Fashionista Free Reign – Why I Let My Child Dress Herself

  1. Some of the worlds fiercest battles have been fought at the wardrobe door, and, as in all forms of warfare, the futility is evident after the fact. I do believe, however, in my battle scarred moments, that the key (for the control freak OCD mum like me) lies in what gets into that wardrobe in the first place. Inappropriate choices start in the mall. Free reign is a breeze when nothing sinister lurks.


    1. Haha, very true. But, still, her red polka dot jersey with a pink and yellow floral dress makes my eye twitch. On their own, not so much. I’m investing in more neutral items (like the grey jersey) to avoid these combinations.


      1. Smart mom. Am ashamed to say I’ve thrown clothes out the window in a fit of “You can’t wear that.” But it was also the terrible twos. Or the thrashing threes? Or was that the fearsome fours? I forget. Anyway. I’m doing more pilates now with deep inner breaths.


  2. In a world that’s obsessed with uniformity and fitting in, I really admire that you’re allowing this brave and unique young lady just be.


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