DIY Blog Challenge – Peter Pan and Eternal Youth

As the final installment in this challenge, I went with something a little obtuse. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook. All they wanted was eternal youth. And really, what’s changed? That’s very much what we invest time and energy into every day.

So, I’ve written a quick A to Z of Eternal Youth. These are just my ideas, my opinions. Use them, don’t use them:

Accept compliments
Be yourself
Calm down
Don’t judge a book by its cover, get to know people
Enjoy the small things
Fun, fun, fun. Always have fun
Give to others
Have a hobby
Imagine! Keep that imagination alive
Jump, walk, swim. Keep active
Kiss on the lips
Laugh from your belly every single day
Magnify the joys, minimise the sadnesses
Occupy your mind with positive memories
Play with your children
Quit smoking
Reach out to achieve things, no matter what your age
Treat yourself to some real TLC
Upgrade your technology
Vanishing waistlines are small fry compared to your baby’s first word
Wrinkles are special. Not everyone gets the chance to have them
X-rays are simply confirmation that you have a backbone
Yearn for change and new adventures and they’ll come
Zip it. Don’t talk about others, and you will enjoy lasting friendships

Forever young
Forever young

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