Product Feature – Misfits Clothing

Misfits Clothing makes me want to have a baby, just so that I can dress it up in these cool babygrows / onesies and toddlers tees. It is a the brainchild of Vicki Le Gras. This is her story:

I’m a 37-year old stay-at-home mom of two toddlers; Jordan (aged 3) and Alex (21 months). Working in the retail property industry prior to falling pregnant in 2011, and my career just starting to take off, I was adamant that starting a family would not interfere with my career aspirations and that the idea of staying at home with my kids was just not in my genetic make-up. Boy, was I wrong (and obviously also about a million other preconceived ideas I had about motherhood).

The gorgeous Jordan
The gorgeous Jordan

The one thing I was right about, however, was that the majority of cutesy baby-blue outfits stocked in our chain stores wasn’t at all what I envisaged for my kids. I was looking for something that was more of an expression of us, our family, our lifestyle. Being married to the owner of an advertising agency, and having studied art and interior decorating, we like things that are not as mainstream. So, trying to find things locally that really suited our taste seemed a hopeless task. This is how “the hobby” was born.

I started having shirts printed for my boy – some quirky slogans, some famous rock band shirts. Basically, things that we liked. Slowly but surely people started asking about the shirts and asking me to do similar shirts or onesies for their children. What followed naturally was “Misfits Clothing” – a small and exclusive label for kids whose attitude sets them apart from others.

With the birth of our daughter, Alex, my “hobby” took a forced backseat in 2014/2015. But, at the same time, it has provided a lot of thinking and planning time (those never-ending midnight breastfeeding sessions). The vision is to throw myself into Misfits completely in 2016, when Jordan and Alex are in school and I have more time to spend on the business side.

We are currently only selling from our Facebook page and via word-of-mouth, but hope to have a website up and running in the new year. We will also be approaching a few baby boutiques.

Our focus is less pink & blue – more black, grey and white. We mainly do baby summer onesies as well as girls’ and boys’ toddler t-shirts (1-4 years). What has proven to be very popular are custom-made designs. People often ask for specific designs to make unique gifts. We recently even had 20 little t-shirts printed for a playschool, five adult shirts for a boat cruise, and some fitness slogan shirts for another initiative. As long as the idea is in line with our brand, we will try to assist.

For quotes on garments, we can be contacted on 072 516 5851, vicki{at} or on our Facebook page.

Misfits Clothing


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