I Channeled My Inner Hyena

Obviously I started blogging for all the free stuff I could get. Not. I love blogging for many reasons. And, I like getting gifts as much as the next girl. But, today’s gift really touched me in the feels. My Beauty Legacy Kit from Dove arrived while I was writing about tourist attractions in my slippers. I’m sure the courier understood why people were sending me beauty products via overnight express because, damn, I need some primping help right now.

Ok, are you picturing it?
Ok, are you picturing it?

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’m pretty sure that I suddenly understand it a whole lot better. I ripped my parcel open with all of the finesse of a pack of hungry hyenas. I think I laughed while I did it too.

The Dove smell hit me before the realisation that they’d sent me an empty jar. In a twist that really is unbecoming of me, I decided to read the instructions. This is the Reader’s Digest version:

  • Write down positive messages and affirmations on the Post It notes – what are some of the things you would have wanted your younger self to hear? {Ah yes, further investigation revealed said Post It notes.}
  • Collect these notes in the #BeautyLegacy jar and pass these onto the next generation of girls in your life. {What a fun idea for an empty jar!}
  • When having negative thoughts, you can feel inspired by the positive messages filling up your jar.
  • Post special messages around your house to remind yourself or the girls in your life of the #BeautyLegacy you’d like to leave behind. {I am definitely using these in Katie’s lunch box}

You can find out more about this initiative on Dove’s Facebook page or on Twitter.

Thank you, Dove SA!
Thank you, Dove SA!

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