Lily and Faith

Lauren and her energizer bunny
Lauren and her energizer bunny

The cuteness is overwhelming! But, Lily and Faith isn’t only about the cute factor, this online store (running from Facebook) has so much more to offer; both to moms and their little ones. It is the relatively new passion of Lauren Burn, who has a toddler, and another son on the way. She and her growing family live in Pietermaritzburg.

She says of her business, “The products I have are unique ones, and the whole process is made easier by having the store online. Moms can order everything from one place, and they can find items that are not widely available.

“The stylish teething necklaces have been so popular and I think they are a fantastic product – I could definitely have used them when my son was teething. I always found it so unhygienic when he chewed on my necklaces or car keys. But when you’re out and about, what other choice do you have?? My teething necklaces come in all sorts of styles and are worn by working and stay-at-home moms. They are perfectly safe for baby to chew. They are all BPA free and FDA approved, are made from a food-grade silicone (so they are hygienic), and they are easily cleaned. You can pop them into the dishwasher, and they can be refrigerated to give extra relief to your little one. I have had such great feedback from moms whose babies have loved this product during the horrible teething phase.

“I also stock adorable MuMu Items. This supplier is fantastic! She has always been so helpful and we are working together to bring out new and exciting handmade cotton products; including tag blankets and cloth nappies. Her marksmanship is excellent and she is so creative with her fabric choice. I stock bandanna bibs, snoods and gorgeous handmade bunnies with the softest ears that can also be matched to any fabric or colour scheme to make a unique baby shower gift.

“I am so lucky to be apart of the Oh Lief team! They make the most amazing 100% natural organic baby and adult body products. Their products are all made from olive oil and bees wax, and are lightly scented with Roman chamomile, citrus or natural olive oils. My son has very sensitive skin, and has always battled with eczema. This product range has helped him so much. It’s not greasy and has a good shelf life because of the bees wax acting as a natural preservative. The shampoo and wash is also amazing and lasts so long. I have had moms switching to the baby wash because they were concerned about the amount of bath water their babies drink 😉 So, this is perfectly healthy in every way!! It also boasts the very first aqueous cream of its kind in SA that has no petroleum jellies, mineral oils or paraffin. The adult range of products is excellent and offers something for the whole family. It has a fantastic tummy wax for preggy moms, which I am currently using myself. It promotes the skin’s natural elasticity and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised, safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

Lily and Faith

















For more information, email Lauren on lilyandfaithonline{at}gmail{dot}com, or WhatsApp / call her on 0824504586. Find her products and more information on her Facebook page.


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