7 Things That Heartbreak Taught Me

Maur sunsetA broken heart is horrendous. It is undignified, inhumane, unfair. It leaves you feeling stripped of any vestiges of who you were, with only a bleak, watered down version of what is now your reality. But, the fact remains that, eventually (and whether we want it to or not), the sun comes out again one day, a smile creeps back onto our weary face, and we put one foot in front of the other. Otherwise, we die.

We all have a sad story. It’s ours, the one that changed us from feeling free and light to knowing the darkness that comes along with life in this world. It has jaded us, even if only a little, and it sticks close when we are in our darker moments. But, it’s important to remember what this heartache teaches us. If we don’t benefit from it in some way, our hearts will never heal.

I despised every moment of the heartbreaks I’ve felt. But, this is what they’ve taught me, and I’m grateful:

  1. I can help others who go through what I have. I can tell them that I understand and really mean it.
  2. I have more patience with those who are really suffering, and far less with those who indulge themselves in selfish, unwarranted self-pity.
  3. I appreciate the good things in life more, even the smaller ones.
  4. I smile every day, because there is so much that is worth enjoying.
  5. I am determined never to be the source of such pain to others, so I work hard at being a better person than those who broke my heart.
  6. I control many aspects of my life, sadness and joy. But not all of it. And that’s dandy.
  7. It always gets better. Always, always, always.

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