Recipe: Banting Juice

Ingredients, juicer and resultTwo days ago, we hopped on the buttery Banting bandwagon. This eating plan is right up my alley, and I’m really hoping for results (since I can’t blame pregnancy for my curves!)

But, as a dedicated juicer, I was suddenly stumped, since most of the juices I usually have have too much sugar to fit in with the Banting plan, thanks to the apples and beetroot that I love to include. Today, I tried one that was in line with the Banting parameters. And it was deeeelish.


1 red pepper
2/3 cucumber
2 stalks celery
1/2 lemon, peeled
Ginger (about 2cm long)
3 spinach leaves, stalks included
1 orange, peeled

Cut the vegetables and fruits into chunks and then juice.

Tip: peeling oranges and lemons is easiest if you chop the top and bottom off, and then run the knife down the sides like you would with a pineapple.
Please note: oranges are considered to be ok as long as your intake is limited. You may omit the orange if you have had sugars somewhere else on the day you want to try this juice.


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