Interview: Stacey

Name: Stacey
Age: 6

11665842_10153419761659581_780849900_oWhat is your favourite thing to do with mom? Going to cinema, go for shopping and sit with mommy at night and watch animation and eat popcorn together
What makes mom happy? When I draw her a picture, when I hug and kiss my mom and when we both have a happy smile
How are you and mom different? Mom is born in Russia and I am born in the Seychelles.
How old is mom? I am 6
What is her job? My mom sells flight tickets.
What is your favourite supper? Chips and fish, spaghetti bolognaise.
What do you want to say to mom ? My mom is very special to me!! And if I had a chance to have my dad with I would say to him that he is very special to me.


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