Interview: Madison

Name: Madison
Age: 6

11657268_10206365400790235_1507569723_nWhat is your favourite thing to do with mom? going shopping
What is your favourite thing to do with dad? teasing each others
How do you know mom and dad love each other? I see you kiss
How do you show them you love them? When I listen to them
What makes mom happy? I don’t be hard with her!
What makes dad happy? if I listen to him.
How are you and mom different? I like to draw and mommy likes to horse ride.
How are you and dad the same? daddy’s not cold and I’m not cold!
How old are they? I think mommy is a 2 and a 7 and daddy is a 3 and a 9
What are their jobs? mommy’s is horse riding and daddy’s is just working.
What is your favourite supper? chicken schnitzel and chips.
If dad wanted to spoil mom, what should he do? get mommy a sewing machine.
What present should mom buy for dad? a Ferrari
What do you want to say to mom and dad? can you buy me a Barbie?


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