Interview: Daniel

Name: Daniel
Age: 7

11653841_10152818590771326_1312258361_oWhat is your favourite thing to do with mom? Chat
What is your favourite thing to do with dad? Watch a movie
How do you show them you love them? I hug them a lot
What makes mom happy? Being kind
What makes dad happy? Playing nicely with my brother and sister
How are you and mom different? Mum’s a girl and I am a boy plus Mum has long hair and mine is short
How are you and dad the same? We are both boys and both have short hair
How old are they? Mum is 41 and Dad is 36
What are their jobs? Dad works at shops putting out food for sellers and other people come and buy it. Mum works for ShowMe East London and Facebook
What is your favourite supper? Spaghetti Bolognaise
If dad wanted to spoil mom, what should he do? They aren’t together, they are divorced
What present should mom buy for dad? Fishing rod
What do you want to say to mom and dad? I love you Mum, I love you Dad, you’re both the best


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