Interview: Katie Bella About Mom

Name: Katie
Age: 6

Katie, aged 6
Katie, aged 6

What is something mom always says to you? Eat your food
What makes mom happy? When I tell you a joke
What makes mom sad? When we have a big fight
What does mom do to make you laugh? You tickle me
What was mom like as a child? You bathed in a bucket
How old is mom? Young
How tall is mom? (Puts her hands on me to measure me) 18 metres
What is mom’s favorite thing to do? Kiss
What does mom do when you’re not here? You talk to dad
If mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Because you sold some stuff. You would sell dress up.
What is mom really good at? Art
What is mom not good at? Doing tight rope
What is mom’s job? Writing, like you’re doing now
What makes you proud of mom? When you help me
What is mom’s favorite food? Yoghurt
What do you and mom do together? Jump on the trampoline
How are you and mom the same? Our hair
How are you and mom different? Our eyes
How do you know mom loves you? Because you smile at me and give me kisses
What does mom love about daddy? His behaviour
Where is mom’s favorite place to go? Mauritius
How old was mom when she had you? (Starts counting on her fingers to work it out, bless her) you’ve only had me for about four years


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