School Lunch Punch-Up

I remember my school lunches vividly, and I imagine that it’s because my mom went to an awful lot of trouble to ensure that I had a healthy snack. Except, it was so much more than a snack. I got roasted chicken every day. Every. Day. Until the garlic was causing social problems for this pungent Grade 1-er and she went on to seed loaf with a variety of healthy toppings, complemented by fresh fruit and water.

So, when I bravely crossed the threshold into motherhood, I was ready for school lunches. Except that now I have a kid that hardly remembers to eat (I always resented girls like that), and doesn’t care much for sweets… So, here are some fab ideas for innovative, healthy school lunches:

  • Chickpea pancakes with banana and peanut butter (quick, easy, DELICIOUS, recipe here)
  • Cheesy tuna melts with seed loaf / low GI bread (recipe here)
  • Cheat sushi for kids with a mature palate (recipe here)
  • A cheese platter (include cheddar, gouda and a flavoured cottage cheese with grapes, carrots and cracker bread)
  • Fishcakes (a much easier way to get healthy fish into little ones, who often aren’t wild about seafood)
  • Wholewheat wraps with healthy fillings (grilled chicken and hummus, mince and tomatoes, or roasted vegetables)
  • Muesli bars (recipe here)

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